Our holidays are the perfect opportunity to give your body and mind some nourishment, peace and tranquillity. Everyone could do with a little of that...
— Lee, Co-Owner
 Lee Steggles

Lee Steggles is the co-affiliate owner, director and head coach of CrossFit Shapesmiths, UK. He is CrossFit Level-2 certified and has 13 years experience in coaching & fitness training across the UK, US, Africa and South Korea. Before finding CrossFit he co-founded the elite sports programme at King's College London University.

Liam Myron, has a long history in travel & tourism. He spent 9 years with a major tour operator, leading groups around Europe, the Far East and the Caribbean and developing new tours.  He also spent 8 years working as head of tech for an international transport consultancy. 

 Liam Myron

Combining a love for fitness and the passion for travel, the two decided to work together to organise holidays for fitness enthusiasts. The aim was simple, to blend a holiday that includes training and adventure with natural beauty, far enough off the grid to really let people decompress.